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Mike Ascolese is an aviation professional and enthusiast who was born in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up watching aircraft fly over the city. This is what sparked his initial interest and curiosity in the principles of flight and aviation in general.


After graduating from high school in Rosemead, CA. Mike went to the Los Angeles Trade Technical College where he earned an Associates Degree in Aircraft Mechanics. He started his career working with the president of Aero Engines. This is where he honed his mastery of trouble shooting and radial engines. Precise utilization of aviation manuals was the key to his success.


Mike has worked in a variety of fields and companies in aviation. One of his favorites was working for Spain-Air Crop Dusting. He was responsible for: designing, building, and flying crop dusters. This is also when he gained lots of experience with Stearman biplanes. This led to starting his own FAA approved repair station for aircraft with radial engines at Flabob Airport in Riverside, CA. The repair station was called Round Power Aviation, which is now based at the Orange Municipal Airport, in Orange, MA.  

Mike earned his Airline Transport Pilot rating and a DC3 type rating. He went on to fly for: Ryan International Airlines under Emery Worldwide and Futura colors. It is through these companies that he earned type ratings in the: B727 and B737. He was a former aviation techcian instructor at the National Aviation Academy in Bedford, MA passing along skills and experience he has been refining for more than 50 years.


He also enjoys restoring old motorcycles and tinkering with his extensive model train set. While at work, you will find Mike with a smile on his face, an aircraft manual in his hand, and an aviation related baseball cap on his head.

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